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A consistant look and feel. Faster to publish new content. Has security and logon features build in. Can be updated by anyone. Website can go live faster. Out of the box solution.



Costs more to host. Limits you to the modules of the CMS. Loads slower. Limited custom development.

CMS Website

Content Management Systems are flexible, scalable and allows you to update and change content without knowing anything about web design.

The CMS Solution is based at SMEs who need to update content on a regular basis.
This type of website gathers information about its users, sell products online and provides an interface to communicate and market to your clients.
Initial layout and page design is done by WebSolution but all content, news, announcements, special offers, new services and products can be managed by yourself.
It is easy to tailor make this type of solution for most requirements.

“Be in control of your website. Allow yourself quick update and response times with a CMS system.” 


What would you need?

Domain Name, Design, Content, Hosting provider some search engine optimization and search engine submissions.
WebSolution provides all of these services and bundles it into a consulting session to ensure we spec your website correctly, using the correct technologies to easily grow your web presence as your business grows.


The Process

  1. The first step will be to get your domain name registered.
  2. Then we design a look and feel. Decide about the pages and their layouts.
  3. Add graphics and text areas.
  4. Place your content, products and coby on the pages.
  5. Host the page on our webservers.


What's next

We can now decide on a website marketting strategy which will suite your needs.

We offer many other services like Statistics, Search Engine Optimazation, Link Exchange etc which will benefit your web presence should you preffer to use the services.


Skin Design                R 500  -  R 3500 (per master layout page depending on complexity)
Cost per page             R 180 (per content page)
Forms                         R 175 - R 650 (Email forms, Applications, Signup forms etc)

Flash can be incorporate and quoted per instance
Database development per customer requirements quoted on per instance

Updates after initial take on will be charged at R 250 per hour.
You can have a great looking content management site for less than  R4000


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Request a Quote

Some companies may offer cheaper, but you will get what you pay for.

Email us to get a quote on a brand new website.

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